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Peggy McDonnell: Proprietor 

About Peggy McDonnell: Proprietor

She quickly grew tired of constantly relocating under the questionable stewardship of her ill mother and, always an independent thinker and guided by her Higher Power, Peggy matured at an early age and was married and pregnant with her first child by the age of fifteen. Her courage and intuition guided her to the best environment to raise a child: her grandfather's farm in Bandon, Oregon. There she remarried; worked multiple jobs and held her family of three together for nine years before moving to Alaska.

Her growing passion to humanity prompted Peggy to provide foster care to over 75 children in just eight short years, and received a governor's award for her devotion. These are small but tell-tale indicators of Peggy's enormous integrity and evolving compassion for all living things, no matter how great or small.

In 1994 a newly divorced Peggy moved back to Oregon in search of her forgotten dreams and soul mate. Peggy's many years of hard work included janitorial inspection and managing clients for a growing medical market, while being the sole caretaker for her children. Her hard work paid off when she met Ken Brown, her soul mate and future husband, a man who not only understood, but shared her passion for life and quest for truth.

Peggy's love of caring for misplaced animals and people she had since childhood had never left. Ironically enough, Peggy's new home with Ken was also none other than the world renowned Odd Me Dodd Kennels in Southern Oregon. Without missing a beat, Peggy promptly opened Angel's Rock Garden Kennels and started raising the happiest, healthiest puppies around. She also involved herself with animal rescue work as well as rehabilitation work for ailing or challenged animals. She was a kid again, doing what she loved. Consumed by her passion for her work. During this time her health began to fail rapidly and Peggy was ultimately bedridden for over one year with an anonymous and debilitating illness that baffled the medical community. She painfully realized that as scared and confused as she was, she was on her own.

A chance meeting with famous raw foodist Victoria Boutenko arranged by Peggy's oldest daughter Tanya was the key to unlocking the door to recovery and optimum health. As Peggy's health improved her vision expanded. Soon the creation of Angel's Rock Garden Kennels grew to include Angel's Health Food Institute a response effort dedicated to exposing the truth about health, healing and responsibility. Together Angel's Health Food Institute and Angel's Organic Farm encompass full-spectrum healing of Earth and all its inhabitants. Everything is connected.

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