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Ken Brown: Proprietor 

Premiere Commercial Developer - Licensed Oregon Contractor - Environmentally Conscious Building Practitioner

About Ken Brown: Proprietor

He has spent decades developing relationships with federal, state and local governments, Secret service, BATF and the Attorney Generals office. He understands the process of moving forward with undeniable ethics and morals, having clearance to Ground Zero and the Area 51 Test Site in Nevada.

An outcast in his early years, he published articles regarding the failure of the educational system and left school early to "get a real education". He loved what the world had to offer and immediately took full advantage of the higher educational tools, making every minute of every day productive.

Within one year he was supervising forty employees in multiple states. By age twenty, with marriage and business partnerships in place, he became deeply involved with community organizing as well. Completing multimillion dollar agricultural facilities in several states was his basis for work.

His community benefited as he ran the Assistant Civil Defense-Director of Emergency Management. During this time he received training as an extraditionist, as well as nuclear radiation detection and emergency medical technician. In the spirit of giving back to the community, he is a twenty year veteran leader of the Boy Scouts.
Business Developments

Co-owned and managed a general contracting firm, completing millions of square feet of commercial, agricultural, research and production facilities throughout the Midwest.
Worked directly with the National Historical Society Restoration on projects for the Abraham Lincoln sites.
Co-owned and managed a farm equipment and implement store, selling and installing grain handling and storage systems.
Co-owned and managed a local True Value Hardware store.

Co-owned and managed the largest commercial door company in Nevada.
Co-owned and managed a commercial development company, winning an international award for design.
Completed millions of square feet of shopping centers, Federal buildings and high security projects.
Co-owned and managed a nationwide firm, contracting with hundreds of franchises throughout the US. Licensed in thirty-eight states, he took the firm public and sold the operation.

Owner of a commercial, industrial and institutional development company. Designing, engineering and completing over one million square feet of production facilities.
Owner of an agricultural research facility. Co-designing methodology for delivery systems of plasma-infused subtle energy technology to plants and animals with Dr. Yury Kronn.
Co-owner of Healing Retreat Institute, working with clients from all over the world on such topics as cancer, AIDS, autism, diabetes and more.

Personal Details

Ken's work in his local community as a mentor for ethical small emerging technology companies through funding, prototyping and technical support benefits a wide array of new job growth in the area including start-ups in the medicinal, bio-diesel, thermodynamics, radio physics sustainable living systems arenas.

Ken Brown and his wife, Peggy McDonnell, are both international lecturers on health and nutrition. Both are very well-grounded, balanced and extremely dedicated to this topic. They understand the dynamic relationship of microbiology, quantum physics, physical sciences, subtle energy and materials as well as their relationship to the human body and our beautiful planet.

This is their life's passion!


Sample of Great Work by Ken Brown

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Ken leaving for a job! 2016
Ken with his Wife, Peggy picking produce at Angels Organic Farm.
Angels Organic Farm/Health Institute

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